Alesya Maksimenkova

The artistic directo

Choreographer. Regisseur. The artistic director of the theatre of dance “Menada”. The choreographer of musical “Thumbelina’s wings”, the stage director and choreographer of the show “Generation X”, and also of more than 20 concerts of the theatre of dance “Menada”. The creator of more than 50 show dance performances. Pedagogue of the highest category. The experience: more than 15 years. The judge of the highest category. The theatre of dance “Menada” was rewarded by the Ministry of culture of Republic of Belarus for contribution to development of choreography in Belarus

Education: Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts 1. specialization: theatrical art, qualification: regisseur 2. specialization: choreographic art, qualification: pedagogue-choreographer.

“Jazz-congress Vortex”, pedagogue Rick Odums (France), Moscow “Jazz-congress Vortex”, pedagogue Geraldine Armstrong (France), Moscow Hip-hop, pedagogue David Pulins (USA), Moscow Jazz-modern, pedagogue Valentina Shulga, Moscow Jazz-modern, pedagogue Eugeny Shevtsoff, Moscow Jazz-modern, pedagogue Dennis Boroditsky, Moscow the 6th International education congress “Dance trilogy”, Moscow the 3rd All-Russian congress of the Show dance, Moscow Jazz, pedagogue Tatiana Ostroverkh, Kiev Contemporary, pedagogue Juriy Pristaetskiy, Kiev “The great “five” to choreographers”, Moscow “The All-Russian winter workshop for choreographers under the guidance of Sergei Smirnoff”, Ekaterinburg “How to move you team to the success. The guide for action”, Korolev “Contemporary dance. Technique. Methodical features during the work with children. The work with space. Composition. Intensive”, Ashot Nazaretyan (Ekaterinburg), Minsk

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