Thumbelina’s wings

Children’s theatre “Rond” and the theatre of dance “Menada” take part in this performance. There are 11 actors, 22 dancers, 54 costumes and fairy music.

The legendary fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen educate the valuable quality like the real friendship, devotion and love for many generations. The world of fairytales of this author is curiously rich of the atmosphere of magic and childhood, and the creators of the musical tried to move spectators into the fairytale, where good triumphs over evil!

This is colorful musical for all family. Extremely topical musical story is about adventures well-known characters. The musical meets the tastes of the most demanding audience and the interests of children.

Love, music and magic merging together make a wonderful world of musical “Thumbelina’s wings”, the performers of which will present for children.